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How I started


Baking started in my early childhood as I assisted my Mother in her weekly preparation of her famous "honey buns" for Sunday dessert.  I remember the first time she handed me the beater and told me to " beat those egg whites until they form stiff peaks" to complete her delicious lemon meringue pie.  Soon she would let me decorate her holiday cookies with all those colorful sprinkles!  I would eventually earn the designation of the official baker of our household and Mom would marvel at my creations.  The rest is history.  Today I have incorporated many of our traditional family recipes into my repertoire at Sweets to Go, and I believe Mom still has her hand in the success of this business.  Baking is my passion as well as creating delicious candies, which can be customized to specific events and celebrations in your lives. My happiness truly comes from my many satisfied customers over the years!

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